Access: The organizer’s tool for controlling access and keeping track of visitor numbers

Convention Access

Why choose Access?

  • To enable your visitors to make the most of their visit
  • To create a community around your event
  • To have visibility of the number of meetings organized

Convention Access

With the Convention Access service, you can use mobile terminals to scan your visitors’ badges in order to control access to your event, or simply to collect statistics on visitor numbers.

Multiple accesses

Linked to Convention Organizer, the Access application enables you to configure your database to manage multiple accesses by your delegates, offering complete peace of mind. Use the tool to control access to catering facilities, meetings and other workshops available at your events with a single QR code.

Easy to use

Once the terminals have been configured and linked to the QR codes on your delegates’ badges, your team will be able to read the codes quickly using iPods. The terminal’s simple interface allows you to define the activity which you wish to control.

A synchronized fleet

With Convention Access, the iPods interact with each other to facilitate advanced monitoring, for example of entries and exits by your guests, while avoiding fraud.

More information

An online platform allows you to view and export accurate statistics, so that you can obtain data on how many people are attending meetings, which are your peak periods, and the impact of your activities. This key information will help you to improve your services for your next event.

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